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    ...to Women for Women's Health a new and exciting service promoting women's health.

  • Women for Women's Health


    Join the team at an exciting women's health workshop. Incorporating yoga, nutrition, well-being and medical experts discussing hot topics

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  • Women for Women's Health

    Women for Women's Health

    was setup by Mrs Nitu Bajekal and Miss Moneli Golara both of whom are Consultant Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. They offer a unique, combined female led service treating most gynaecological conditions.

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  • Women for Women's Health
  • Women for Women's Health
  • Women for Women's Health


  • Women for Women's Health

Welcome to Women for Women's Health

Educate, Energise, Empower

WFWH(Women for Women's Health) is a service set up by highly experienced and senior medical doctors who along with other professionals. The team at WfWH (Women for Women's Health) wish to educate and empower women to make health choices that will help improve their own health and also that for their families and friends.
The team at WfWH (Women for Women's Health) recognise that nutrition, exercise and a balanced lifestyle play key roles in major chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancers as well as in women's health issues such as PCOS, menopause, bone health, cancers amongst many other problems that women face regularly.
WfWH (Women for Women's Health) as a team are passionate to educate women on how to take charge of their own health and at the same time know when to seek appropriate medical advice and where to seek reliable information.
Through information leaflets, an up to date website, lectures and blogs, health events and workshops, the WfWH (Women for Women's Health ) team hope to be able to energise women to make better health choices.
Over the past year, WfWH ( Women for Women's Health) have launched in New York, Mumbai and London and run health workshops for the public and health professionals which have been received very well.
The motto for WfWH ( Women for Women's Health) is to Educate, Energise and Empower women, with the knowledge that we would as a result through women educate the wider community.

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