Weight Training for Women

by Benjamin Stark - Personal Trainer

This has to be one of the most badly misunderstood topics on the planet, and this is a terrible shame. The common view is that even looking at a dumbbell can make a woman bulky, and it is a myth I am having to debunk on a daily basis! Not only will it burn a lot more calories than you realise, it has health benefits for females that go beyond looking good and staying trim, even though it will also bring those results.

Weight training during Menopause

A variety of physical and psychological benefits are on offer for women who decide to begin a weight training program. Strong, healthy bones are the first by-product to mention, because women of all ages will benefit from this and subsequently be at much lower risk of osteoporosis which would naturally occur during menopause. There is no age too old to begin, when done correctly weights are suitable for all adults. Body fat increases, muscle loss, and slowing down of the metabolism that is part of the ageing process (due to inactivity and insufficient nutrients) can be reversed with weight training and the nutrition that goes with it. Weight training offers Women in menopause control over their body. Results of improved muscle tone and shape, and seeing your body change for the better can be pretty powerful for self-confidence, especially for those who suffer from lack of. Compared to those who are sedentary, women who exercise during menopause will experience fewer and milder symptoms such as hot flushes & difficulty sleeping, and will also benefit from a positive impact on their moods which can help with treatment of mild to moderate depression.

Circuit training benefits for women

Increase in muscle function and bone strength equates to less chance of falling down due to better core strength, and even if a fall or knock occurs, stronger bones are much less likely to break or fracture. Chuck in to the mix, decreased blood pressure, decrease in arthritic pain and improved lower back health, and you begin to realise that you might just be missing out if you are not lifting a few dumbells! Under the correct guidance and given the correct techniques, you will learn so much about your body and what you are capable of. If you do not use weights because you fear it will make you ‘bulky’, then it’s time to put this terrible misunderstanding to bed. Circuit training offers a time efficient and effective way of working out your whole body, increasing cardiovascular and muscle endurance, which gives you the best chance of attaining the figure/fitness you desire.

About Benjamin Stark

Benjamin is an experienced and qualified Personal Trainer, who works with clients in the studio, gym, home and outdoor environment . He is also qualified to teach Spin, Circuit and Exercise to Music. He teaches fitness classes at gyms and studios in north, west and central London such as Powervibe Fitness in Notting Hill, Frame in Shoreditch, Energize Fitness Hammersmith & Gymbox London wide.


Benjamin Stark March 2014