About Us


Wfwh is a service set up by highly experienced and senior medical doctors who along with other professionals wish to empower women to make health choices that will help improve their own health and also that for their families and friends by increasing awareness and education.

The public often have their first contact with doctors and health professionals when there is something wrong with them . The team at WfWH hope to change this by being approachable and by engaging in conversations about prevention and education, before illness sets in.


Obesity and chronic health conditions have become a global epidemic and standard medical advice and treatments doesn't appear to be enough to help address these serious issues.

The team at WfWH recognise that nutrition, exercise and a balanced lifestyle play key roles in major chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancers as well as in women's health issues such as PCOS, menopause, bone health, cancers amongst many other problems that women face regularly.

WfWH as a team are passionate to educate women on how to take charge of their own health and at the same time know when to seek appropriate medical advice and where to seek reliable information.

The team at WfWH believe that now is the right time for medical doctors and health professionals from other fields to work together as we all have the same goal of helping improve the health of the woman and as a result that of the community.

The team at WfWH led by Dr Bajekal believes this knowledge should be available to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Young people especially are at the right stage where making small changes can have a tremendous impact on their future health.


We are doing this through information (reliable up to date medical information on our website www.womenforwomenshealth.co.uk) and open discussion via blogs and newspaper and magazine articles and interviews and through health events for the public, doctors, workplaces and schools - all key areas to influence change.

Working alongside other health professionals including experienced nutritionists, yoga and mindfulness teachers, personal trainers as well as other senior medical specialists, the team at WfWH offers the latest medical information about various medical, surgical and gynaecological conditions. We also hold events and give nutrition and lifestyle advice to participants, including active workshops incorporating zumba, strength training, yoga and meditation. The workshops cover a range of current medical health concerns , from cancer screening and cancer prevention to teenage health, osteoporosis and menopause.

Through information leaflets, a very active website, lectures and blogs, health events and workshops, the WfWH team hope to be able to help women learn how to help themselves and also when to seek appropriate medical advice.

Over the past year, WfWH have launched in New York, Mumbai and London and run health workshops for the public and health professionals which have been received very well.

WfWH motto is to Educate, Energise and Empower women, with the knowledge that we would as a result through women educate the wider community.