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Empowering women to make progressive health choices

Women for Women's Health Workshops:

WFWH (Women for Women's Health) has started running one-of-a-kind women’s health workshops in London, aiming to educate and empower women to make the best health choices. Mrs Bajekal and Miss Golara offer the latest medical information about gynaecological conditions and give nutrition and lifestyle advice to participants, including discussing the benefits of regular exercise, yoga and meditation. They intend to show that women’s health can be improved through a more holistic approach to health. The workshops cover a range of topics, from cancer screening and cancer prevention to teenage health to menopause.
» Workshops on Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Strength Training, and Zumba
» Talks by medical specialists on a number of topics plus Question and Answer sessions.

Forthcoming Workshops

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